Author: Bon trading   Date Posted:24 May 2024 

Authentic Atomic Coffee Machine

A genuine ATOMIC® Coffee Maker costs AU$875 and is available from Bon Trading Co on 12-14 Oxford Street, Woollahra, in Sydney (PH: +61 (0)2 9331 2007) and from this web site.

The machines are hand made in Italy with a distinctive "Made in Italy" on the base. This was first done in 2008 to distinguish the authentic machines from the fakes. Bon Trading Co can also supply genuine ATOMIC® Coffee Maker parts.

There are imitations made under different brands that are manufactured in China and Taiwan, these are not authentic and cannot legally use the word ATOMIC®.

Before you buy a machine from a source other than Bon Trading Co, make sure you know the difference between a replica, a fake and a genuine ATOMIC®. The genuine ATOMIC® Coffee Maker is hand crafted in Italy and is made in accordance with European material regulations and standards.

On the right is a photo of the genuine  ATOMIC® Coffee Maker in operation circa 1970.